Covenants and Restrictions

Applicable to owners in the Valley West Subdivision. Applicable to owners in The Lakes Subdivision, except that owners in The Lakes are not required to comply with Articles IV, V, VI, VII and VIII. (Instead, owners in The Lakes must comply with requirements of the Lakes Design Manual.)

Applicable to owners in The Lakes Subdivision only

Lakes Design Manual

Applicable to owners in The Lakes Subdivision only

Architectural Review

See the Architectural Review page for instructions.

Rules and Regulations

Financials and Meeting Minutes

HOA Board meeting and Annual Meeting minutes, financial records, and other HOA documents are available to members of the HOA. You will find these documents in the "Shared Documents" section of your Appfolio account. Please contact Legacy Properties to activate your account on Appfolio.

Please attend the HOA Annual Meeting June 25 at 6 pm More info

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