Valley West HOA

Homeowners in Valley West and The Lakes are automatically Members of the Valley West Homeowners Association (HOA), which actively works to maintain the common spaces and enhance the quality of life in the Valley West community. The developer turned the Board over to the Members in 2021, and the HOA is now led by a three-member Board.

The HOA is governed by its Covenants and Restrictions, which include its bylaws and design requirements. (Residences in The Lakes must also adhere to requirements described in the Lakes Design Manual.) Mechanisms for enforcement of the Covenants are described in the Rules and Regulations. As of September 2022, HOA dues are $160/quarter ($640/year), applied to each lot.

The HOA Board welcomes your ideas for improvements to HOA facilities. The Board will consider these suggestions in Reserve Projects planning. Submit your ideas here!

Thanks to members who joined us at the Valley West HOA 2022 Annual Meeting on June 14! Click for highlights of the Annual Meeting

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