Who is a Member of the HOA?

Lot owners in Valley West and The Lakes are automatically Members of the Valley West Homeowners Association (HOA). Each lot has one vote in the Association.

Who runs the Valley West HOA?

The Valley West HOA is led by a three-member Board of Directors, which consults with Members to set priorities for the HOA and implement its Covenants. Board members are volunteers who are residents of Valley West and Members of the HOA. Board members are elected to 3-year terms, on a rotating basis, at the Annual Meeting of the HOA, held each year in late June.

The HOA engages a property management company (currently Peak Property Management) to manage routine matters on behalf of the HOA.

What is the HOA responsible for?

The primary responsibilities of the Valley West HOA are to maintain alleys and woonerfs (including snow removal) and to maintain and improve the landscaping of shared open spaces. Beginning in 2020, the city of Bozeman is progressively taking responsibility for city parks contained within the community, including Valley West Park near Clifden Drive, the East Lake in The Lakes, and pavilions and playgrounds.

Who maintains the grounds of Valley West and The Lakes?

In Valley West Park and the area around the East Lake (in The Lakes), which are city parks, the city of Bozeman manages irrigation and mowing. In all other common areas, the HOA engages contractors to manage irrigation, mowing, and tree maintenance.

What are homeowners responsible for?

Homeowners in Valley West and The Lakes are responsible for maintenance of their homes, driveways, and property; irrigation and mowing of their property; removal of snow from sidewalks in front of their homes; and maintenance of landscaping in the boulevards in front of their homes.This includes ongoing maintenance of required trees on their property. Homeowners must seek approval from the city of Bozeman to plant, remove, or replace trees in the boulevard in front of their home. Some properties within Valley West are managed as condominiums that have their own homeowners associations to maintain building structures and grounds.

How much are the HOA dues?

Current HOA dues are $150/quarter ($600/year), applied to each lot.

How do I pay my quarterly HOA dues?

Homeowners receive a dues notice by mail each quarter. Dues of $150/quarter are due before the end of the quarter (in March, June, September, and December). Checks for dues payments should be made out to Valley West Homeowners Association and mailed to Peak Property Management, Accounts Receivable, 716 S. 20th Avenue, Suite 102, Bozeman, MT 59718.  

Dues payments can also be made by credit card (for a small service charge) at https://duespayment.com/ If needed, Contact us for assistance in setting up a login at this website.

Can the HOA Board raise my dues?

Yes. According to the Covenants, the Board can raise annual dues by up to 15% each year to cover increases in operating costs. Increases in dues exceeding 15% must be approved by a vote of the Members. In the past, the Board has sought input from Members at the Annual Meeting regarding proposed budgets and increases in dues.

Special assessments can also be levied, according to the Covenants. The HOA maintains a reserve fund with the intent of avoiding special assessments to fund foreseeable repairs and maintenance.

Can the HOA Covenants be amended?

Yes. However, by intention, this is not an “easy” process. A change to the Covenants requires agreement from a supermajority (70%) of voting members. You can read about the process at Article XI, Section 7 of the Valley West Covenants, posted at the Documents page. If you (as an HOA member) want to propose an amendment to the Covenants, please Contact Us to discuss the process.

Can I run for the HOA Board?

Yes! Subject to the provisions in the Covenants, any Member of the HOA can run for election to the Board of Directors. Elections take place at the Annual Meeting in late June. Normally, one Board member is elected each year to a 3-year term on the Board. If you want to run for election to the Board, please Contact Us in April to learn about the process.

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