Free ice cream in The Lakes on August 13, 2023: Again this summer, Chelsea Stewart Real Estate will be hosting ice cream trucks on Sunday, August 13 from 11am-1pm at Laurel Parkway & Westmorland. Bring the kids over! 

Compost CollectionBeginning in May, Bozeman is collecting yard trimmings for composting. On your regular trash pickup day, place your yard trimmings in cans clearly labeled "COMPOST," in brown "compostable paper bags," or in open plastic bags. The city aims to pick up yard trimmings within a day or two after your garbage pickup day. Click for more details. 

Bozeman Community Center planned next to Meadowlark Elementary: The city has announced plans for a large community center that will include an aquatics center, library branch, and recreation and fitness facilities. The Community Center will be located at the northeast corner of Durston Road & Cottonwood Road. The project will cost almost $100 million and will be put to the voters in Fall 2023. 

Community Updates

Please don't release nonnative fish in the ponds: Reece Buecker, a Bozeman Health School student, has been educating community members about the problems Meyers Lake and the Lakes may face when folks introduce nonnative fish into the ponds. Reece provided this helpful information: Releasing old aquatic pets into ponds is extremely detrimental to the pond's ecosystem. If you or a friend have unwanted fish, putting them in local waterways is not an acceptable way to get rid of them. Some good ways to give the fish away safely without harming the local nature are finding local pond hobbyists and fish collectors, or reaching out to pet stores, schools, and other places that might want the fish. When fish that do not belong in ponds are introduced, they wreak havoc on the native fish and natural ecosystem. Some fish commonly introduced through pet owners are carp and goldfish. Another way that invasive species are spread is through people moving fish from pond to pond. If parents can make sure this does not happen and make sure their kids do not accidentally do this it would greatly diminish the spread of invasive species. A very easy way to prevent species like snails from spreading is to check canoes and other water toys for snails hitching a ride. In most ponds the snails and other minor invasive species are not the largest problems, the fish that can spread fast and far cause the most harm. These fish outcompete the native fish through their feeding styles, temperature and water type resistance, and behavior. The fish push out native species through their advantages and destroy the environment through things like algae blooms that they cause. Never release your fish into ponds, and talk to family members and friends about this issue in order to educate them.

Yellowstone Fiber goes live in The Lakes: Following a ribbon cutting ceremony September 19, 2022 at the West Pavilion, The Lakes is part of the first residential district to received fiber optic internet service from Yellowstone Fiber, a nonprofit company that is installing fiber optic cable throughout Bozeman. 

Update from Bozeman City Parks about activities in Valley West and The Lakes: Bozeman City Parks began managing city parks in our community in 2021. In June 2022, the City of Bozeman Parks & Recreation Department provided these helpful reports about their activities in city park space in Valley West and The Lakes. The HOA appreciates the city's work in our community!

Bozeman Library Bookmobile visits Valley West Park every other Friday from 3:30 to 4:30 PM. Visit the Bookmobile website for the current schedule. At the Bookmobile, you can get a library card, check out books and movies, and pick up “hold” items.

Let us know of events going on in our community, and we’ll post them here. Book club? Block party? Walking group? Bridge club? Children's play group? Let your neighbors know! 
Submit event information using the form below.

Quality of Life

Dogs off leash: There are too many dogs running loose! Please be mindful to always keep your dog on leash and clean up after your dog. Report off-leash dogs to Bozeman Animal Control.

Parking in woonerfs and alleys: The HOA receives many complaints about residents and guests who park outside the designated parking pads in woonerfs in The Lakes. Recently the HOA installed NO PARKING signs in the woonerfs as a reminder to respect our neighbors and keep these narrow streets clear for traffic and snow removal in the winter. Similarly, please park only in designated parking spaces (on your own property) in the alleys of Valley West.

Cracks and potholes: The HOA is assessing the asphalt conditions in the alleys and woonerfs for future repairs. Please report specific concerns (Contact)

Coming Soon in Our Area

Apartment complex south of The Lakes: The West Park Neighborhood (which is expected to be renamed) will be located south of Vaughn Drive and east of Laurel Parkway. The Bozeman City Commission approved the preliminary plat for West Park at its meeting on February 28, 2023. The overall development will include an extension of Vaughn Drive into West Park and also an extension of the Adam Bronken wetlands park south to West Babcock Street. Phase 1 of West Park, located immediately to the south of Lakes Phase 6, is proposed to include seven three-story apartment buildings with a total of 102 units. Detailed information about two linked development applications is available online: Application 22205 and Application 22178.

Norton Ranch subdivision south of The Lakes: The Norton Ranch subdivision has begun development of the northern extension of their community (Phase 5), south of Vaughn Drive and west of Laurel Parkway. Laurel Parkway and Westgate Avenue (as well as the multi-use trail along Aajker Creek) will continue south from The Lakes into the Norton Ranch community. Open spaces in Norton Ranch will adjoin The Lakes along much of the shared boundary at Vaughn Drive. 

Six Range development south of Valley West: On the south side of Babcock Avenue, west of Ferguson Avenue and east of Hanley Avenue, The Paine Group is building a 183-unit development, Six Range, which includes 4-story apartment buildings, 2-story triplexes (townhomes) facing Babcock, and a 3800-square-foot commercial building at the southwest corner of Babcock and Ferguson.

Commercial lots at Babcock & Cottonwood: Infrastructure is in place for commercial lots on the north side of Babcock, between Cottonwood and Stafford. These commercial lots were developed as part of Valley West, but they are not part of the Valley West Homeowners Assocation.

Expansion of Ferguson Farm to the east: Plans include a hotel and other commercial development on the north side of Huffine Lane, west of Ferguson Ave. A Town & Country grocery store is also planned as Ferguson Farm expands.

Hotel west of RosauersEverhome Hotel

Development northwest of Oak and Cottonwood: Northwest Crossing

Is EVERYTHING in our area going to be developed?
Well, not quite everything. Gallatin Valley Land Trust documents a conservation easement on land along Gooch Hill Road, to the southwest of The Lakes (shown in orange in the map below). This easement does not protect the land directly west of The Lakes, but does protect a large area of land along Gooch Hill Road, north of Huffine. The land to the west of The Lakes is currently not in the city of Bozeman. If that land is ever annexed into the city, Bozeman's Community Plan Future Land Use map designates the area west of The Lakes as "Urban Neighborhood."

Click for a report from the 2023 HOA Annual Meeting 

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