Board of Directors

The Valley West Homeowners Association is led by a 3-member Board. Current Board members are shown below. Board members are volunteers who are members of the HOA and residents of Valley West and The Lakes. Board terms run from July 1 to June 30. Board members are elected to 3-year terms, on a rotating basis, at the Annual Meeting of the HOA in June. The Board elects officers from among the Board members.

The Board has put in place a Rule and Regulation to accept nominations for Directors. As part of this process, nominees (including persons who nominate themselves) for the position of Director must complete and return this questionnaire by March 1 in order to stand for election at the June Annual Meeting. Nominations will not be taken from the floor at the Annual Meeting.

Lisa Baker


Board Member Since 2021
Term Expires June 2024

Ciaran O'Connor

Vice President

Board Member Since 2021
Term Expires June 2025

Matt Smith


Board Member Since 2022
Term Expires June 2026

Past Board Members* (With Gratitude)

Jeff Radick (2021–2022)

Greg Stratton (2009–2021)

Tad Tsukamoto (2009–2021)

Dave Wieggel (2016–2021)

Steve Brown (2013–2015)

Monica O’Brien (2012)

Craig Hveem (2011–2012)

*Records prior to 2011 are incomplete.

Please attend the HOA Annual Meeting June 25 at 6 pm More info

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