Architectural Review

Valley West and The Lakes are attractive, high-quality, master-designed communities. The architectural and design standards maintained by the Valley West Homeowners Association support the continued beauty of our community and the value of our homes to future purchasers. These design standards are maintained by the Architectural Review Committee, which evaluates residents’ plans to change their home or property.

Do I need permission to make changes to my property or home?

Yes. Homeowners in Valley West and The Lakes must submit to the Architectural Review Committee any plans to add, improve, or modify a structure on their lot. This includes renovations to the home; new external paint colors; new or modified fences, walls, garages, outbuildings, paving, concrete, gravel pads, patios, raised planting beds, or other structures on the property; and major landscaping installations.

How do I know what changes are permitted?

For residents of original Valley West, requested changes are evaluated based on design requirements in the Valley West Covenants. For residents of The Lakes, requirements of the Lakes Design Manual apply. Homeowners can be fined for failing to obtain approval from the Architectural Review Committee before making changes to their property.

Where can I install an RV pad?

The Valley West Covenants define a “vehicle” as “any boat, trailer, snowmobile, motor home, mobile home, recreational vehicle, off-highway vehicle, or other similar equipment.” You can store a vehicle, thus defined, in your garage.

Otherwise, one vehicle per lot can be parked on a designated concrete or gravel pad installed with the approval of the Architectural Review Committee. The RV pad must comply with all applicable provisions of the HOA Documents, including setbacks and landscaping.

In original Valley West (east of Cottonwood Road), an RV pad must be installed adjacent to an alley. In The Lakes, an RV pad may be permissible if the side or back of the house faces a woonerf, where the pad might be placed. No RV pad may be installed on a street or in front of a house. As always, the RV pad must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee before installation.

What is a fence setback?

Many fences in our HOA are approved with a setback of 2 feet from the property line (for example, the adjoining open space or sidewalk). If a fence is installed without the required setback, the HOA may require (at any time) that the fence be moved so it is in compliance with the approved site plan, or the owner is subject to a substantial fine. 

How do I get approval for changes to my property?

In Valley West, you will need to complete Form 4, and in The Lakes, you will complete Form C. Along with this form, you should submit drawings of the structures to be installed or modified. Please also submit any additional information or photographs that will support the review. Submit your proposed changes using the form below.

Do I need to get approval before I start work on my project?

Yes. Failure to receive needed approvals before making changes to your home or property can result in penalties, including financial fees, described in the Rules and Regulations.

What happens if I don't get approval?

A homeowner who fails to get approval from the Architectural Review Committee as required, or a homeowner who makes an installation that is not in compliance with the approved site plan, may be required to bring the installation into compliance, pay substantial fines, or both. Unfortunately, enforcement actions happen every year in our HOA. 

Is there a fee to submit my plans to the Architectural Review Committee?

In most cases, no. For existing homes, there is currently no fee to submit your planned changes (for example, a new fence or paint color). Approval to build a new home or ADU involves a more complex process, and a fee applies.

Why does the HOA have all these rules?

The Covenants and Restrictions and the Lakes Design Manual were created to guide development and building design for site-specific conditions. We believe that careful review and enforcement of the Covenants result in a high quality community and benefit all property owners and residents.

I have read all the information on this page, and I still have questions about the Architectural Review process. Who should I ask?

If you have questions about how the Architectural Review process applies to your plans, submit the form below (with or without supporting documents). The Architectural Review Committee will reply by email.

Submit your proposed changes or questions to the Architectural Review Committee

Lots in Valley West (east of Cottonwood Road) must comply with all requirements of the Valley West Covenants. Lots in The Lakes must comply with requirements of the Lakes Design Manual and with the Valley West Covenants (except for Articles IV, V, VI, VII and VIII, which do not apply in The Lakes). These documents are available here.

If you are ready to submit your proposed changes, fill out Form 4 and save the form as a PDF or image file. Assemble any supporting materials (for example, drawings of your proposed installation). Fill out the form below to submit your materials for review, and Intrinsik Architecture (acting on behalf of the Architectural Review Committee) will reply by email. (If you prefer to submit your proposed changes by postal mail, Contact us for instructions.)

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