Community Facilities & Amenities

Maintaining the integrity of the land and the region, Valley West incorporates lakes, streams, open acreage and
four miles of walking
and bicycling trails into the landscape of the award-winning community. Adding a quaint touch,
Valley West’s natural streams are accented by covered bridges characteristic of the region.
The development’s many parks, sport fields and playgrounds foster community togetherness.

At the center of the community is the five acre Meyers Lake, offering scenic views and community recreation. On the banks of the lake is the Meyers Lake Pavilion,
which provides an ideal setting for family and neighborhood gatherings.


For the active family lifestyle, there are four miles of pedestrian trails looping through the community. A beach volleyball court is available for friendly competition.
Parks and playgrounds offer spaces for families and children to run, jump and play.


Valley West’s innovative design and thoughtful inclusion of outdoor recreation amenities earned it distinction in “Building from the Best of the Northern Rockies”
by the Sonoran Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting community decisions that respect the land and people of western North America.



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